Created Aug 09, 2014

Tony Dokoupil

Reporter for msnbc and host of Greenhouse on SHIFT by msnbc more

Hi, I'm Tony.

I'm a reporter for msnbc and the host of Greenhouse on SHIFT by msnbc.

I used to be a senior writer for NBC News, where I contributed videos and features to digital, and occasionally co-produced pieces for Today and Nightly News. I also wrote the first NBC News "long form" project: "Send in the Weathermen."

Outside of NBC News, I wrote a book: "The Last Pirate" (Doubleday, 2014). The New York Times called it "a probing, exuberant memoir." People Magazine said the story "will fill you with hope." And the Washington Post praised "the rollicking prose." You can read excerpts online thanks to Slate and Esquire.

I've done a good amount of broadcast over the years, too. I've appeared on the Today Show, 20/20, CBS Sunday Morning, Fresh Air (twice!), Morning Edition, CNN and all the hours of the clock on MSNBC.

My reporting has been called out on The Daily Show (the moment of zen) and The Tonight Show (the opening monologue) and its been curated by the good people at Longform.

As a senior writer at Newsweek & The Daily Beast, I wrote a string of cover stories, including "The Suicide Epidemic" "iCrazy" and "Dustoff 73," which helped anchor the first annual Hero Summit in Washington, DC.

My story "The Last Dive," and the original video became Newsweek's first animated cover. Another original video about my father was a "must see" pick of the New York Times Lens blog.

I have a masters degree in American Studies from Columbia University, and I earned a fellowship towards a PhD in media studies...before dropping out after two years to pursue journalism.

It's unclear whether that was the best or worst decision of my life.

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